Formed in 1957  the Friends of Brockenhurst, otherwise known as ‘FoB’ or ‘The Society’, has  tried to, and continues to try to, meet its constitutionally stated aims and objectives.

In addition to attention to planning matters the Society has supported local groups and organisations.  This is usually, but not always, been in the form of financial grants.

This has included providing prizes for the annual pancake race, a significant donation to the Brockenhurst Youth Football Club to help provide equipment, a donation to Brockenhurst Primary School PTA for their adventure playground, a new bowling machine for the Brockenhurst Cricket Colts Youth teams and on-going support to Holidays at Home.

If you know of a deserving cause, please let any Committee member know or contact us.


Brockenhurst is one of the four designated villages in the New Forest. It is an open village in the centre of the New Forest where large stock are allowed to roam .It is a village of great character surrounded by natural beauty and steeped in history. Change in the village is inevitable can can be better managed.


The Friends of Brockenhurst was formed in 1957 with a mission to preserve and improve the character of our unique village.It aims to compliment the Parish Council and concentrate especially, but not exclusively, on planning, environment and welfare of the community.




Barbara grew up in North Worcestershire, and spent her whole career working for the NHS. She has lived in Brockenhurst for ten years after falling for the forest on numerous camping trips with their three daughters. She has been on FoB committee for three years and feels strongly that we should all try to keep the village as a welcoming place for residents and visitors alike.




Graham was Vice Chairman of the New Forest Association and is still a member of its Planning & Transport Committee. He was also previously Chairman of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the New Forest District Group. Graham shows great passion and enthusiasm for improving and progressing the unique character of Brockenhurst.




Ross worked as a Senior manager and consultant to the NHS ,a role which has included working with the local hospitals, GP services , care homes and social services. She has been a committee member for 16 years and has seen the importance of the work of FoB, often working with other organisations, in maintaining the special character of Brockenhurst and The New Forest. Ross is a member of the New Forest National Park Authority Access Committee and a keen horse rider and walker.




Philip is a retired director of financial companies. He has had a home in Brockenhurst since 1996. He is also a member of the Planning & Transport Committee of Friends of the New Forest.




Tim has been a member of FoB for over 15 years and has been the Hon Treasurer for the last ten years. It is Tim's hope and ambition that through the sustained efforts of the Committee and Members of FoB that the unique character of Brockenhurst can be maintained and improved for the benefit of its current and future residents.




David is a retired International Banker and Magistrate. He moved from London to Brockenhurst on retirement with his wife. David is also Trustee / Hon Treasurer of Community First New Forest and Hon Treasurer of the Anglo Irish Rugby Supporters Club.




Gerald retired from a senior management career in the food industry; was a former local magistrate and has previous experience elsewhere as village Friends Group Chairman. He is interested in local issues, events and outdoor life.



Derek’s achievements were widespread particularly within Brockenhurst. Local GP for 27 years, originator of the Healthy Village idea, runner of marathons, Olympic Torch carrier, founder of local clubs for young and old alike. etc, etc.  Two such achievements are worth further reflection as they had such an effect on our village. Firstly, one of the London marathons Derek ran was in aid of raising money for our village hall. The hall is now a regular feature of village life.


The second was the healthy village concept. Having a father who lived in Africa, and was an authority on leprosy, and Derek’s experience of Africa kindled an interest in healthy living. Thus was born the Healthy Village idea which not only benefited Brockenhurst but also changed the way healthcare is delivered across the country. A kind of alternative medicine.


Following his retirement in 2001, Derek continued to give talks on healthy living internationally.


However, it was his involvement with FoB that affected us.


Friends of Brockenhurst was formed in 1957. Its aims include protecting and improving the character and amenities of Brockenhurst. It is complimentary to the Parish Council but less formal.


Derek accepted the position of President in 2003. The Committee at the time recognised the achievements of Derek both as a long-standing GP and his involvement with a wide range of local issues. He was a respected and popular villager.


The position of President is honorary and normally seen as acting as a figurehead. However, Derek went much further  -  he was a source of action and inspiration in whatever was needed in terms of support, information, direction and remedy.


Your Committee miss the wise council of Derek and his friendship and sense of humour.


Please click below to view a copy of our Constitution.