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The weight restriction on the Sway Road bridge was recently raised so as to allow vehicles of up to 7.5 tons to cross in a southerly direction. This will allow HGV’s to travel through the centre of our village and undermine our efforts to protect the special character of our village.


FoB has objected to Hampshire County Council  -  click here to see a copy.


FoB will also express these views at the Parish Council meeting on 17th May at the Village Hall alongside other concerned people.


We will be lobbying the National Park Association to add their weight behind our objection.


It would help the village if you would object alongside us. Please use your own words but by all means base it on our letter if that helps.


It would also help if you were able to attend the PC meeting. If you can attend, please let us know as seating will need to be provided.


We hope that you will support us with this.

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